Ron Friedman, President

Ron Friedman, President

R. FriedmanRon Friedman has written for television in every decade and genre starting in the 60s. Bewitched, Gilligan’s Island, Starksy and Hutch, and Fantasy Island are among his credits. In animation he created G.I. Joe, and other series, and wrote The Transformers: The Movie.

A graduate of Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture, he co-founded a de facto children’s animation network in China, is Adjunct Professor of Screenwriting at USC and Chapman University, wrote the book for a new musical, Uprising, a play, Talking Pittsburgh, and is now finishing a book, I Killed Optimus Prime.

Ron believes the TV Writers Fund for the Future will create strategic liaisons between older writers, investors, performers, and directors to provide funding, employment opportunities, product placement, and new business models in this, The Age of Convergence.

You may contact Ron at:
(323) 825-5556 Ext. 400

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