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John D.F. Black

John D. F. Black went into show business at age three, hired to sing at a Pittsburgh nightclub. The audience threw money. He threw it back, pridefulness that he soon outgrew.

Between then and 1960 when he became a full-time writer, he functioned as a writer-director-actor (Youth Review, Carnegie Libraries, performer (Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera, Worcester Drama Festival), acted in New York (a dead body on live television, a Venusian on Space Cadet), then survived a stint in the Army.

He broke in at Warner Bros. with Surfside Six, wrote westerns and detective shows, moved on to Universal, then Desilu Paramount as a writer-producer on Star Trek. He also wrote features, notably Shaft.

His awards include a WGA, nominations for a second WGA and an Emmy. He has served on the WGA and PGA boards and the TV Academy’s Blue Ribbon Panel. Remembering the older writers who aided him as a younger writer, he will do everything possible to change the horrendous ageism reality.

You may contact John at:
(323) 825-5556 Ext. 402

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