July Events Highlights

July Events Highlights

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It’s already been a busy month of interesting events and workshops.  In case you weren’t able to attend, here are highlights from just a few of them:

Virtual Pitch Fest – A Conversation with David Kohner Zuckerman

Virtual Pitch Fest is a service for writers to pitch their projects to producers, networks, managers, and agents.  Through VPF, you can submit your query letter and you are guaranteed a response and comments back within 5 days of your submission.  Writers who are members of the WGA can also get special perks through this service.

Here’s what David Kohner Zuckerman recommends:

  • Don’t submit something you haven’t already written.
  • Make sure your script has been registered with the WGA and copyrighted.
  • Get feedback from friends and colleagues and don’t submit your pitch to the site until 7 out of 10 of those people are liking your script.
  • First, test the waters with companies you like, but aren’t necessarily your first choice. If you get all no’s, there’s something wrong with your query.  Adjust your marketing.  Go out to a few more companies.  Once you start getting yes’s, send it out to your dream companies.

Visit the website for more details:  www.virtualpitchfest.com

Creating Unique and Compelling Characters with Marilyn Atlas and Elizabeth Lopez

In this full day workshop, Marilyn Atlas and Elizabeth Lopez helped attendees unearth authenticity in character motivations and illuminated the importance of creating complex, flawed, and contradictory characters.

Here are just a few of their excellent tips:

  • Get to the deeper character motivation, which speaks to the depth of the character.
  • Asking a boring or simple question of your characters begs a boring or simple answer. Don’t choose boring or simple!
  • Want is something the character is conscious of, need is unconscious.
  • You must be conscious of past trauma or wounds in your characters.
  • Just as you should feel uncomfortable when you write, you should make your characters feel uncomfortable. When you do that, you’ll get more evocative responses.
  • Characters with duality are always the most interesting.
  • Lollygag with your characters. Get to know them.  Try writing scenes for them you know you aren’t going to use just to see how they’ll respond.


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