Events at The Writers Guild Foundation

Events at The Writers Guild Foundation

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It’s easy to forget how valuable of a resource The Writers Guild Foundation really is, so we are here to remind you.  Last month, we attended a handful of events put on by the WGF that gave us unparalleled access to a number of impressive shows, writers, and showrunners.  The WGF brings in guests who speak candidly about their work, careers, processes, successes and failures and the lessons they’ve learned along the way.

Don’t miss out! Click here to check out their upcoming events.  And remember, tickets are discounted for WGA members.


“Special Screening and Panel with PREACHER.” May 31.

Better Call Saul

“Inside the Writers Room with BETTER CALL SAUL.”  May 27.

Courtney Kemp

“Master Class with Courtney A. Kemp.” May 17.

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