The Importance of the Right Attitude

The Importance of the Right Attitude

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Here’s more of what we learned at Digital Hollywood about attitude.

You become the people you surround yourself with, and bad relationships suck up a lot of time and energy…you waste more time when you are depressed.

Acknowledging a bias will eliminate almost all of it. It’s best to call out the elephant in the room so that everyone can move on and focus on what you’re actually there to accomplish.

Competence and confidence are perceived as one in the same so own what you’re saying. Speak with confidence and you will own the room you’re in.

If you leave your lane, do it to gain a new skill or solve a problem. That will be what is rewarded in the workplace. Don’t do things that are trivial or beneath you.  It’s okay to ask to do something out of your comfort zone. Just know you most likely will not get everything right the first time. Don’t be afraid to fail so that you can learn and improve.

In business, be open and honest with facts, not feelings.

Never shut down a colleague’s ideas. You can disagree, but find a way to do it respectfully. People will be more open to criticism if they don’t feel attacked.

When you’re on the phone, always make sure you are smiling. It changes your voice.

Don’t think of the word “networking.” Think of it as “engagement” instead.  Ask the person you wish to connect with an insightful, intelligent question. They will appreciate you for it.

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